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Siamo lieti di annunciare che il nostro concorso per cortometraggi 'A Confined Urban Vision' dedicato alla pandemia ha ricevuto oltre 350 short films da più di 50 paesi. Il nostro team curatoriale ha selezionato i cortometraggi finalisti, che verranno valutati dalla giuria di selezione.

I cortometraggi selezionati gareggiano anche per il Premio del Pubblico / Audience Award, che verrà determinato tramite votazione online.

Pubblichiamo di seguito i finalisti del concorso per cortometraggi 'A Confined Urban Vision' e la scheda per la valutazione. Vota il tuo cortometraggio preferito!

Annunceremo i vincitori del concorso il 18 dicembre 2020, durante un evento on linE. Segui l'evento su Facebook! -> A CONFINED URBAN VISION final online event


1. Instant Dreamscapes in Isolation

Director Adele Mary Reed | Country United Kingdom | Genre Documentary, experimental | Duration 03:57

A commission given by The Pod and The Tin Music and Arts' DIALOGUE partnership in Coventry, UK to make work in response to COVID19. Instant Dreamscapes in Isolation is a collection of images made with instant film technology and digital audio field recordings of places visited whilst cycling in isolation, the two juxtaposed within video. My vision was to create a meditative collage of organic sound and washed out visual aesthetics, conjuring a film which is dreamlike in tone. A reflection of the feeling of the streets, uncanny in their emptiness. This also forced me to work in a more immediate way to what I'm used to which is congruent with how I feel as a society we’re having to live our lives - in the moment and with greater future unknowns.


2. Lockdown/Stuck

Director Ana Falcon | Country Estonia | Genre Documentary | Duration 01:24

The lockdown of COVID-19 brings back trauma to a young immigrant.


3. A Mask For Everyone / Honorable mention

Director Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz | Country Germany | Genre Documentary | Duration 14:30

Spring 2020. Refugees from Somalia and Syria work together with Germans and sew protective masks to give out for free in the small East-German village they live in. They teach each other, learn from each other and laugh together while sewing masks for everyone.


4. The Watchmaker

Director Antonello Matarazzo | Poetry Franco Arminio | Country Italy | Genre Documentary | Duration 08:00

A metaphorical journey around the world in the time of quarantine, starting from a country in Southern Italy. It is a reflection on the energy of silence of nature, rediscovered as soon as the collective bustle in which we were immersed stopped.

La nostra fragilità si è impietosamente svelata.
La pandemia dice che il mondo non è casa nostra.
Nessuno ci ha dato la licenza di dominare la natura.
Noi siamo animali e siamo aria e foglie,
siamo la sventura del mondo e la sua cura.
(Franco Arminio, 4-9-2020)

Our feebleness was unmercifully unveiled.
The pandemic is saying the world is not our home.
Nobody gave us the right to rule nature.
We are but animals and air and leaves,
we’re the world’s tragedy and its therapy.
(Franco Arminio, 9 April 2020)


5. Shift

Director Chen Sing Yap | Country Canada | Genre Drama | Duration 03:27

During a pandemic, a nurse decides to live in her car to protect her family. The cheesy greeting cards her son sends her in social isolation begin to take on a special importance.


6. The Conquest

Director Christian Orellana | Country Chile | Genre Documentary | Duration 06:49

The old Alejandro conducts an online class, in lockdown times, teaching his students the period of The Conquest. The invasion, the war, the hunger, the introduction of a new economy and a history that we think we know, but that we are not yet able to assimilate.


7. Year Zero: Restart / Audience Award

Director Domenico Agosto | Country Italy | Genre Documentary | Duration 04:50

This short film shows urban landscapes through the window during the pandemic in Padua city.


8. Claustrophobia/Philia

Director Felipe Cardona | Country USA | Genre Documentary | Duration 03:06

Claustophobia/philia. Life at home, inside, waiting.
This film was made during the COVID19 pandemic confinement in June 2020.


9. Maria

Director Gabriel Schmidt | Country Brazil | Genre Documentary | Duration 04:59

Maria is a short film made in home with a feel resources. It's about a family dealing with the beginning of the Corona Virus outbreak. The message of the film is to delivery hope to those whom faced the virus or in further pandemics.


10. The Classroom

Director Imanol Sánchez | Country Argentina | Genre Documentary | Duration 06:12

Silvina is a teacher about to retire who, after the arrival of the coronavirus, is forced to play her role from virtuality.


11. Fine 9 9

Director Louisa DoyleDesign and Animation Nic Farr | Country United Kingdom| Genre Animation, Experimental, Student | Duration 04:14

Feeling isolated? Bored out of your mind? Ring your pals for a good old fashioned CHIN WAG.
That'll hit the spot. Take a holiday from your thoughts, sooth your soul, surf that wifi, ride those phone lines...
Because apart from watching paint dry, how the hell would you pass the time?
Fine 9 9 is a surreal snapshot of lonely life under lockdown. Six city dwellers manically hang on the line, scrabbling to keep connected in the midst of the pandemic.


12. Death of a day

Director Sayan Mazumder | Country India | Genre Experimental, Music Video, Student | Duration 03:35

We are all stuck in quarantine. Living the life in solitude. We wake up , do the same routines and go back to bed. As if the new day is from yesterday. We are all confined in the circle of life.


13. Tales of the balcony (final chapter)

Directors Kinetta, Ytyus Black, Melanie Garland, MITE, Alberto Coehlo, Angelo Roco, Isabel Domínguez García-Huidobro, Macarena Núñez, Chiara Mazzarella | Country Chile | Genre Documentary | Duration 15:31

From Benevento (Italy) Chiara receives news from friends coming from different parts of Chile. From the protest period of Chilean spring to the lockdown caused by the pandemic, streets empty out and stories changes radically, but not for all...



14. The Quarantine

Director Benzarti Douraid | Country Tunisia | Genre Documentary | Duration 10:00

A young man wanders between the walls and monuments of his city, looking for a refuge while the world succumbs to a pandemic: the Covid19. In this deserted city that is Monastir in Tunisia, we witness a beautiful story linking the young man to an island: "the island of Quarantine".


15. This Summer

Director Galina Chakarova | Country Bulgaria | Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance | Duration 01:30

Nat is working from home in isolation, when she falls into a daydreaming state reminiscing about the summer.


16. Isolation - A Tale in a Pandemic World

Director João Micuanski | Country Brazil | Genre Documentary | Duration 06:24

Stuck at home during the isolation of a pandemic, a man is confronted by his own thoughts and reflections about the times and society he belongs to.


17. The view from Copacabana

Director Maiara Líbano | Country Brazil | Genre Documentary | Duration 03:07

During lockdown in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, a woman face financial problems. A discussion with the owner of her apartment by the phone comes up. After the call she goes for a cigarrette at the window to relax. Something in the view change her mood.



18. A Shared But Lonely Silence

Director Scott Johnson | Country United Kingdom | Genre Documentary | Duration 09:28

Forced into returning home less than a month before completing his degree, university student Charlie must adapt to a new way of living, when a global crisis brings the world to a standstill. Produced as the final assessment for my own university degree this piece was the result of intense adaptation from my initial project, and was completed independently in the confines of my own childhood home.


19. Walking after lockdown - Paris-Orléans 1h30

Director Edna Peza-Ramirez | Country France | Genre Documentary | Duration 13:43

When we think of France, images of Paris come to our mind: the Eiffel tower, the Champs Elysées, walking carefree, basking in on the culture and the atmosphere. How does this image hold up for international students in the middle of a global pandemic? How does it hold up for other French cities? We followed the paths between the homes and workplaces of different people as they shared their experiences of urban life before, during, and after the COVID-19 lock-down in Paris and Orléans. Two cities, two landscapes, one and a half hours away by train.


20. The Cure

Director Giorgia Cendamo | Country Italy | Genre Documentary | Duration 09:16

"La Cura" ("The Cure") is a documentary short film shot during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, in the countryside of Parma (northern Italy), where it seems like the virus has never arrived. It is about what it's like to be distant and what it's like to try to feel closer. And about cherries that seem like they won't ever ripen.


21. Claustrophobic Love

Director Jonathan Beckett | Country United Kingdom | Genre Documentary, Music Video | Duration 02:07

A time-lapsed look at my life in lock down, having recently moved in with my girlfriend. It started off that I was just time-lapsing our everyday life exactly as it was right now. But when watching the footage back I couldn't help but feel so lucky to be living with my best friend and the person I love most in the world. So I wrote a poem about exactly how this has made us both feel, especially these past few months, and fit it with the clips I'd shot, to tell our story. I also kept the whole reason for these time lapses a secret from Katie and have just given her this video as a kind-of love letter and a memory from this time in our lives. It's more for us than anyone else, but I hope you enjoy it too and maybe you'll see a little bit of your own life reflected in it.



22. Movements

Directors Arthur Carvalho, João Guilherme de Paula, Márcio Andrade | Country Brazil | Genre Documentary | Duration 06:08

‘May we interact with places thinking critically about our relationship with spaces, with the city…’ In 2020, the context of isolation stopped the usual displacements on urban roads and strengthened our relationship with private and virtual spaces. What are the transit possibilities that the performing arts find in connection (and invention) with these spaces? Finalizing the displacement dossier, we published the documentary produced by Arthur Carvalho, João Guilherme and Márcio Andrade. We invited Darlan Galvão, Durval Cristóvão, Elis Costa and Luiz Felipe Botelho to record testimonies in their own homes about their feelings during this period of isolation. From these lines, we work with archival materials to compose a narrative around these clippings.


23. The biggest big party

Director Vicky de Tomaso | Country Argentina | Genre Romance, Comedy, Drama | Duration 02:36

In Buenos Aires we are over the 111 days under quarantine. And after more than 10 birthday parties by Zoom, Vicky tries to organize the biggest birthday party in the world. 111 quarantine days will not take away our desire to celebrate. Based on a true message.


24. Vision

Director Rupam Sarkar | Country India | Genre Romance, Comedy, Drama | Duration 13:34

Aru was talking with her lover; Rajdeep, and suddenly she remembered that she have to call her cousin brother; Nayan, who is blind and wish him happy birthday. She cut the call and called his brother, later she got to kno that the birthday is on tomorrow and not today. Then she asked about his life and shared her. She realized her brother's problem that he faces everyday. She realized it during the COVID Lockdown. And asked about Rini, his ex lover and Aru's friend. Then Nayan felt awkward and moved the conversation to other way. Next Aru called Rini and asked about how life is going. Then Aru moved to Nayan's topic, then both of them had a conversation about Nayan. That Rini left Nayan just because she got to know that Nayan is blind. Next day Rini called Nayan to wish him Happy Birthday. They both had a emotional conversation about them, and the past. Next morning, Aru called Rajdeep and asked that why is he still sleeping this late morning. They had some romantic words and talked about how they will continue their life.


25. Tokyo Currents

Director Kota Nakamura | Country Japan | Genre Documentary | Duration 09:47

Tokyo Currents shows the morning of Shinjuku which faces the spread of COVID-19.


26. Quarantine Mood / Winner

Director Alessandro Marinelli | Country Italy | Genre Documentary | Duration 05:00

Quarantine mood documents real life scenes during the quarantine in Rome, looking for the beauty and poetry of reality. A film about people, about life that simply doesn't stop and needs to manifest itself in every situation and in all ways.


27. Piano Sequenza

Director Davide Calvaresi | Country Italy | Genre Experimental | Duration 06:00

PIANO SEQUENZA di Davide Calvaresi musica Giampiero Mazzocchi con la partecipazione di Laura Baldoni, Alessia Bedini, Marco Casagrande, Francesca Casolari, Federica Crispini, Freddy Drable, Agnese Gabrielli, Nicolò Giorgini, Luana Milani, Maria Angela Pespani, Maria Teresa Pespani, Ivana Pierantozzi, Maria Rita Salvi, Federica Zeppilli. un progetto di Being in motion e Studio Aira con il sostegno del Comune di Ascoli Piceno, il contributo della Regione Marche, in collaborazione con Amat.
In questo stravolgimento percettivo della realtà e delle relazioni sociali dovute alla pandemia, centrale è il ruolo del gesto, dello spazio e della tattilità. Ristabilire un nuovo modo di conoscenza e attraversamento dello spazio urbano è necessario per sviluppare altre possibilità di relazione. E' nato così un racconto sull'equilibrio, la fragilità, il desiderio. Il processo di creazione è stato condiviso con un gruppo di 13 persone che hanno preso parte a un percorso laboratoriale di 3 giorni svoltosi rispettando le norme di distanziamento fisico. Questo grosso limite è stato in realtà la chiave narrativa della creazione dei contenuti.


28. Neighbooor

Director Paco León | Country Spain | Genre Comedy, drama | Duration 10:18

Luis lives by himself, and he is handling the quarantine quite badly. One day, while he is in the bathroom, he hears a voice coming from the air vent, calling for him. It’s Rosa, an enthusiastic neighbor who starts invading his privacy every time he goes into the bathroom. Luis puts up with every conversation with the politeness of a selfless neighbor but, for him, it’s a nightmare. It gets worse when she asks him for a favor.


29. Choreography Confined

Director Shea Donovan | Country United Kingdom | Genre Documentary | Duration 04:04

6 people, 5 virtual workshops, 1 lockdown. An experiment in movement, shared experiences and shifting perspectives. Indigo Arts Collective assembled 6 dancer/movers from across the US and Europe for a weeklong virtual dance composition residency focussed on devising movement inspired by the architecture and objects of our home spaces. The goal was to bring people together to explore the possibilities rather than the restrictions of their current confinement. Each participant was given the same workshops, the same piece of music, and the same time to develop their own choreography at home. Choreography Confined is the compilation of all of their efforts and tells the story of six unique perspectives on a shared experience.


30. co-vid.mp4

Director Gregor Petrikovic | Country United Kingdom | Genre Documentary | Duration 05:00

The short film co-vid.mp4 centres around the experiences of a character amidst the isolation of lockdown –a dancer, breaking free onto the empty streets of London in a dream-like sequence, where past, present and future meet.



31. Shit Pie

Directors Hana Piščević, Nebojša Resanović | Country United Kingdom | Genre Documentary | Duration 05:00

Shit pie happened spontaneously when Serbian Goverment, due to Covid, introduced state of emergency and imposed police hour. This led to empty streets and various untouched street skate spots, around our home, that were waiting to be abused. Hana took her cellphone and followed Nebojša on his skateboard through the streets of Belgrade. Sometimes they finished their journeys before 6 pm, when police hour began everyday, and sometimes they did not. Hana who is not a skateboarder, but is a filmmaker, got seriously obsessed with looking for spots, and began to film skateboarding through her own eyes. Together they made a delicious pie out of the shit that we were all floating in.


32. You've been infected

Director Nirmal Thomas | Country India | Genre Documentary | Duration 09:06

A wry assemblage of what could an average internet population encounter when they are forced to live online. Can they handle, WiFi Connected But No Internet?



33. Can it wait?

Director Adrian Casillas Alcala | Country Mexico | Genre Documentary | Duration 01:40

During the confinement, two young people coincide in each other's thoughts, wondering what would become of them without the pandemic involved. Love in times of COVID.


34. Falling Down

Directors Swann Chesnel, Yoann Chesnel | Country France | Genre Documentary | Duration 04:47

Does our modern world reach its limits ? What if NYC, world capital, stopped living and became a ghost city ? What if our daily lives were reduced to memories printed on old pictures ? A disturbing observation of our society’s downward spiral and its consequences on our world.


35. Wind Strolling

Directors Bruna Schelb Corrêa, Luis Bocchino | Country Brazil | Genre Documentary | Duration 04:25

A couple spending quarantine away from each other finds an unusual method of meeting.


36. Los días que pasan

Director Antonio Savinelli | Country Spain | Genre Documentary | Duration 03:00

Los días que pasan tells the story of confinement through the gaze of Leo, a 4-year-old boy who does the same things every day with his little sister Olivia.


37. Gone Honorable mention

Director Anika Salvesen | Country Norway | Genre Documentary, Experimental | Duration 06:17

"Gone" is an experimental documentary filmed in April and May 2020 in Oslo, Norway. The film is a reaction to the national shock after the country went into lockdown on the 12th of March. The audience is invited on a contemplative journey through Oslo where the city's emptiness and human insignificance are focal points.


38. Prosody - An Ode to the City

Director Taher Abdel-Ghani | Country Egypt | Genre Documentary | Duration 05:57

The lockdown of cities caused by COVID-19 has generated spatial visual rhythms that made us re-imagine and re-comprehend our perception of city space.

39. Self-Absorb

Director Bruno Godi | Country Brazil | Genre Documentary | Duration 05:00

Self-absorbed (Ensimesmadxs) is a short film made in social distance that portrays the arrival of the Covid-19 in Brazil, through the quarantine portrays the interiorization of people in their homes and thoughts. It raises questions about the general premise that a more solidary society will emerge from this pandemic.


40. What day is it?!

Director Marwan Alazab | Country Egypt | Genre Documentary | Duration 02:27

Establishing a new routine during the quarantine of one urban individual.


41. Lockdown

Director Daffa Amrullah | Country Indonesia | Genre Documentary | Duration 10:00

'Lockdown' gives a clear visual of how the people of Jakarta struggle to celebrate Ramadan as a special month for its majority in the middle of a pandemic.


42. Little corner

Director Stella Ter-HakobyanCountry Armenia | Genre Documentary | Duration 10:25

It is early morning and the Armenian capital Yerevan is still under a state of emergency. Surik, 74, operates a small shop out of his house. He cleans the surrounding, sorts the products and waits for his first clients. The district gradually wakes up. Surik greets everyone warmly, he knows all the latest updates about the pandemic, and can debate any political question. Surik’s shop is open everyday, despite Covid-19. He stays positive, transmitting his optimism to the entire district throughout the day and closes the store at midnight.


Written by City Space Architecture

Sabato 24 Ottobre 2020 at 6:26 pm

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  1. Congratulations. I support number 6: "THE CONQUEST" by Christian Orellana, CHILE
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  1. Congratulazioni. Sostengo il numero 6: "LA CONQUEST" di Christian Orellana, CHILE.
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  1. Voto por el cortometraje número 6 "La Conquista", dirigido por Christian Orellana de Chile. Gracias
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  1. il corto n.13 rispecchia attimo per attimo momenti di vita quotidiana durante le difficolta' causate dal lockdown.
    esaustivo e fluido il linguaggio nella descrizione degli eventi.
    chiara la scenografia.
    multiple le ambientazioni nello scorrere delle pagine...come l"esibizione di fogli animati...
    gloria rigione

    gloria rigione

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  1. 15. This Summer
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  1. 15. This Summer
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  1. 13 Tales of the balcony


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  1. Padova Year Zero Restart.
    Belle la presentazione e le riprese. Ottima occasione di riflessione.


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