City Space Architecture kicks off its 10th anniversary!

March 29, 2024
By City Space Architecture


On 13 May 2023 we kicked-off our 10th anniversary celebrations with a series of activities at our artistic headquarters in Bologna, Museo Spazio Pubblico, and we are currently organising a series of events to meet and discuss with public space advocates how to advance the public space agenda on a global scale and how to support implementation at the local level.

Our continued and tireless efforts now bring us new challenges for the months and years ahead. We are very grateful for the support we have received throughout the years by so many individuals that are now part of our community and are sharing with us their enthusiasm, progressive thinking and positive energy. Over the years, we have developed a strong and very solid vision for public space, promoting an entire ecosystem of innovative projects using different formats to address today's public realm challenges.


Explore our ecosystem of public space projects:

The Journal of Public Space (diamond open access, academic journal)

Public Space Academy (free educational program)

Mastering Public Space (web-magazine)

Museo Spazio Pubblico [Public Space Museum] (transdisciplinary practice)

Stand up for Public Space! (global campaign)

Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City (Film Festival)

Mapping Resilient Communities (global best practices on social resilience)




Open Knowledge: Global hub for public space insights.
City Space Architecture aspires to become a global hub for open knowledge related to public space. Through collaborative efforts with experts, academics, and practitioners from different fields related to public space, the organisation aims to curate and disseminate a wealth of information, case studies, and best practices. By creating different accessible online platforms, publishing insightful articles, and organising international conferences, workshops and webinars, City Space Architecture seeks to foster a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences, empowering individuals and communities to actively engage in shaping their public spaces. The organisation's commitment to open knowledge also involves translating research into actionable insights, allowing cities worldwide to learn from one another's successes and challenges.

Research and Implementation: Innovative urban solutions through collaboration.
City Space Architecture envisions becoming a pioneering force in innovative research and practical implementation of public space concepts. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, the organisation seeks to explore ground-breaking approaches to urban design, city-making, and sustainable development. By conducting research projects that address pressing urban challenges, City Space Architecture aims to contribute meaningful solutions that enhance the quality of public life. This includes partnering with governmental bodies, non-profit organisations, and local communities to transform research findings into tangible projects. By championing adaptable and inclusive design principles, the organisation strives to shape cities where public spaces cater to diverse needs, promote social interaction, and create a sense of belonging.

Education: Empowering urban stewards through education.
In the realm of education, City Space Architecture envisions itself as a catalyst for change by fostering a new generation of informed urban stewards. The organisation is committed to developing comprehensive educational programs that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborative learning initiatives, City Space Architecture seeks to empower students, professionals, and community members with the tools and knowledge needed to actively participate in the evolution of their urban environments. By partnering with educational institutions and local communities, the organisation is currently establishing a global network of individuals who are passionate about public spaces and equipped to drive positive change in their cities. Through education, City Space Architecture aspires to cultivate a deeper understanding of the significance of public spaces and their role in shaping vibrant, resilient, and inclusive cities.

City Space Architecture is committed to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda adopted at the Habitat III conference in Quito (2016) and of the Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


We are gaining momentum at a global level, acting as a leading organisation promoting public space culture through innovative projects, multi-stakeholder partnerships and audience engagement. Our collaboration with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, since 2016 underscores our efforts to engage the Global South in the public space discourse.



City Space Architecture's events for the celebration of the 10-year anniversary

1-10 September 2023 / Bologna: first workshop of the Public Space Academy
Read a full report here.
15 January 2024 / online: Launch of the online program of the Public Space Academy
Visit our OpenEdx educational pltaform - contents are available for FREE

25-27 April 2024 / New York City: Symposium “Public Space Challenges. From theory to practice to policy”, hosted at Pratt Institute
Register here.

25-27 June 2024 / Bologna: Academic Conference “Past Present and Future of Public Space”
Read the announcement here.
19-21 September 2024 / Bologna: International Parklet Symposium
Read more and submit your expression of interest to atted here.

4-8 November 2024 / Cairo: 12th World Urban Forum (WUF12) convened by UN-Habitat
Read about our previous engagements with WUF9, WUF10 and WUF11.

This is a call to action! If you are a public space lover become a member of City Space Architecture, join our community and stand up with us for public space!