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November 7, 2017
By City Space Architecture

City Space Architecture is registered in the Italian Revenue Agency since 13 May 2013 as a non-profit cultural association, according to the Italian Law 383/2000with the tax code IT91358070372We do not hold a VAT/GST number.


If you are interested to become a member or to renew your membership, please read the following instructions and submit your request to the Council Board of City Space Architecture. You will receive by email the confirmation of your enrollment in about two/three weeks after your submission..

Your membership is intended for one year only, ending on December 31 of every year. Since your first enrollment, you can renew your membership just by paying the membership fee, preferably no later than January 31 of every year.

For any information or further assistance, please contact our Administrative Office at


The submission process to become a member or to renew your membership is very easy, just three steps:

1. Your Privacy

In order to become a member or to renew your membership we ask some information about you. We will handle your data according to the the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - read more about GDPR here and (non EU official) hereCity Space Architecture will never share your data with other entities for commercial purposes, your personal information will be used only by us to communicate with you.


2. Your data

Fill out the form (attached below) with your personal data and then choose the typology of membership and the method of payment. There are three typologies of membership for one year:

  • A) Junior Member (under 30): 20,00 euro
  • B) Ordinary Member: 50,00 euro
  • C) Institutions: 500,00 euro

If you are an Institution, please write directly to our Administrative Office at so that we can give you more details and instructions for the payment.




3. Your payment

Be aware that we are not responsible for any mistake in the payment process so please pay attention during the payment process.

Please pay the membership fee AFTER filling out the above form.


Our payment methods are:

  • A) Paypal Transfer

    You can click on the Paypal button below ("Pay Now") and pay the membership fee to Before opening the PayPal page, make sure you select your membership fee (ordinary membership or junior membership) and please write below here the following payment description: 'YOUR FIRSTNAME LASTNAME and YEAR', so that we will easily link your payment to your memebership request. 

    If you do not have a PayPal account you can also pay by using your credit card after clicking on "Pay Now".


    Membership Fees
    Payment description: 'YOUR FIRSTNAME LASTNAME and YEAR'


  • B) Wire Transfer

    You can pay your membership fee through wire transfer. Our bank is in Italy. 

    If you want to proceed with this method of payment we kindly ask you to send an email to our Administrative Office at for instructions and details.