Our Treasurer

April 13, 2013
By City Space Architecture





Anna Maria Bravo





Anna Maria Bravo holds a four-year Master’s degree in Law at University of Bologna (1997, marks 110/110 cum laude) with a thesis on Criminal Procedure. She has been enrolled in the Professional Order of Lawyers in Bologna (2001-2004), after practicing for two years in a professional firm and attending the Forensic Application Institute ‘E. Redenti’ in Bologna as a postgraduate student. Anna has worked as a free-lance lawyer while specializing in Administrative and Tax Law during an internship at the Italian Revenue Agency in Emilia-Romagna (2003-2004). After winning several public competitions for a position of administrative officer for the Italian government, both for the Ministry of Defence (2000) and for the Ministry of Productive Activities (2001), and other public institutions in Italy, since 2004 she has been working as public officer at the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, at the Executive office in Bologna, as financial and accounting manager of the Inspectorate for Quality Control of Agri-food Products.

Anna has been a member of City Space Architecture since its foundation in 2013 and proactively supported the organization of international events in Bologna (2014) and Venice (2018), which she attended as observer.