Our Treasurer

April 13, 2013
By City Space Architecture

Valerio Francia

Founding Member and Treasurer


Valerio Francia is an Architectural Engineer graduated at University of Bologna (2016) with a thesis on Urbanism entitled “MUP | Mapping Urban Perception. Metodi di indagine della vita pubblica per il progetto urbano. Il caso di Bologna”.

During his architectural education Valerio participated in:

-    international competitions, such as Project Heracles promoted by Domus Magazine (2011) and Farewells City Competition promoted by the Municipality of Ferrara (2012);

-    teaching programs, such as the Directed Studies Abroad of the Master Program in Architecture of Arzieli School of Architecture and Urbanism (Carleton University, Canada, 2011), where he presented his regeneration process for the Staveco area in Bologna, then published on “IN_BO”, the e-journal of the Department of Architecture of University of Bologna, in the article "City-making. Chances of urban regeneration";

-    research projects, such as Upgrading Bologna version 2.0 in the frame of the internship program he attended at SiLAB University of Bologna (2013), that he later presented at the Biennial of Public Space in Rome, during an international session.

Valerio actively contributed to the foundation of City Space Architecture and has been engaged in several projects, since 2013, such as the Past Present and Future of Public Space International Conference on Art, Architecture and Urban Design, held in Bologna (2014), where he coordinated the Cinema Session at Europa Cinema. He also contributed to Pop-up City, our photography research project on instant urbanity and Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City, our cinematography competition for short films.

Valerio promoted, organized and coordinated two events for the Art City White Night in Bologna, in the frame of Arte Fiera, the International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art, such as The urban lounge and a green view (2014), an art installation in via Santo Stefano, jointly promoted with bAQ, and Parking Night (2015), a special event that took place in Strada Maggiore and involved several non-profit associations.


Valerio's thesis, MUP | Mapping Urban Perception, deals with public space, both in its theoretical definition and in its physical configuration. The investigation process is based both on the traditional top-down planning approach of city managers and administrations and on the spontaneous bottom-up actions of appropriation and transformation promoted by users and citizens.
MUP is a web-GIS open access tool able to provide information on urban perceptions of city spaces, in relation to its users. It has been tested on a street in the city center, via Zamboni, but it could be implemented for other consolidated areas or suburban neighborhoods.
MUP analysis is divided in three books: #Feel / #Think / #Create.