City Space Architecture meets United Nations 26th Governing Council in Nairobi, Kenya

May 6, 2017
By City Space Architecture

GC26 UN Habitat


We are extremely proud to be part of the upcoming twenty-sixth session of the Governing Council of UN-Habitat (GC26), that will take place on 8 – 12 May 2017, at the UN Habitat Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The Governing Council is an intergovernmental decision – making body for UN Habitat, the United Nations Agency on Cities and Human Settlements. 
This session of the Governing Council follows the adoption of the New Urban Agenda during the Habitat III Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development held in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016. 
Participation in the Governing Council is open to all Member States and relevant stakeholders, including parliamentarians, civil society organizations, local authorities, professionals and researchers, academia, foundations, women and youth groups, trade unions, indigenous peoples organizations, financial institutions, and the private sector; as well as organizations of the United Nations system and Intergovernmental Organizations.

Our President Luisa Bravo was named for accreditation at the GC26 and was granted with an ad-hoc accreditation by Member States. In Nairobi, she will be an active participant, engaged in the discussion with governmental and local authorities and other stakeholders, contributing with an oral statement related to our commitment to implement contents of the New Urban Agenda related to public space, through our global campaign 'Stand up for Public Space!' and our academic journal 'The Journal of Public Space', that we founded in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology and in partnership with UN Habitat.

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City Space Architecture meets IFoU at The Chinese University Hong Kong

March 31, 2017
By City Space Architecture
10 IFoU conference in Hong Kong


We are extremely excited to announce that we are among partner organizations of the 10th IFoU conference, The Entrepreneurial City, which will be hosted by the School of Architecture of The Chinese University of Hong Kong on December 14-16, 2017 -
IFoU is the International Forum on Urbanism, a network of universities, research institutes and knowledge centers with the task to strengthen the international collaboration in the field of Urbanism. Members of IFoU are academic institutions that are involved in research and education in the field of planning, design and management of the built environment.
Our President Luisa Bravo is included in the conference committee panel and will deliver a keynote speech at the conference to introduce The Journal of Public Space, our non-profit research project that we established in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology and in partnership with UN Habitat, the United Nations Agency on Cities and Human Settlements.
After nine successful conferences, in Beijing (2006), Delft (2007), Taipei (2008), Delft (2009), Singapore (2011), Barcelona (2012), Tainan (2013), Incheon (2015) and Buenos Aires (2016), the 10th conference is inviting international planners and designers to deliberate on theories, design and practices related to the entrepreneurial city. In face of global and local environmental, social and economic challenges, following the goals of UN Habitat’s New Urban Agenda, the 10th IFoU Conference ‘The Entrepreneurial City’ explores: how to create urban prosperity and an inclusive economy?

The deadline for abstract submission is May 1, 2017 -> EXTENDED May 15, 2017

Read more about the call for papers on the conference website.

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Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City | International seminar @ Cinema Lumière

March 24, 2017
By City Space Architecture

VISIONI URBANE. Beyond the Ideal City

We are glad to invite our members and friends in Bologna for the international seminar 'VISIONI URBANE / URBAN VISIONS. Beyond the Ideal City | Spazio pubblico e narrazioni urbane attraverso il mezzo cinematografico' that will take place next Thursday March 30, 2017 at Cinema Lumière.
This seminar is the opportunity to present outcomes of our three-year project, curated by our President Luisa Bravo, aimed at investigating the contemporary city through the cintematography lenses. 
The seminar is promoted by City Space Architecture, in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna, under the patronage of Municipality of Bologna, of the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna, of the Biennial of Public Space and the Association of Architects in Bologna, and with the contribution of the University of Auckland, School of Architecture and Planning, New Zealand.

We would like to thank our honorary member Manfredo Manfredini at University of Auckland in New Zealand for co-curating the seminar and for his proactive role in promoting this event!

Visioni Urbane / Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City is:
- a film competition, a section of the Italian Festival Visioni Italiane
- a collaborative creative lab for institutions and citizens
- a travelling event, in Italy and abroad. 

At the upcoming seminar we will discuss with several scholars, academics and film-makers about #publicspace and the future of our cities. 

We will have a special guest, Colin Fournier, Emeritus Professor of Architecture and Urbanism and Principal Research Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL) and Visiting Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was Bernard Tschumi’s partner for the design of the Parc de la Villette in Paris and co-author, with Sir Peter Cook, of the Graz Kunsthaus, a radical museum of modern art in the city of Graz, Austria. Prof. Fournier was an associate member of the famous experimental design group Archigram Architects and was curator of the 2013 Bi-city Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in Hong Kong and Shenzen. He is currently Chair/ Principal of TETRA Architects 肆合設計.

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Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City | Our film competition on the contemporary city

February 27, 2017
By City Space Architecture


We are very glad to present the third edition of our research project 'Visioni Urbane | Urban Visions. Beyond the ideal city', a competition entirely dedicated to the investigation of the contemporary city through short films. Visioni Urbane is the first film competition in the Italian context involving film-makers at a professional level on topics related to cities and urbanity, so it is a unique platform able to foster interaction and exchange between different disciplines, such as architecture, sociological studies, urban design and film studies, while delivering to spectators insights and meanings on daily urban life in cities.
Read more about our research project here.

Visioni Urbane is a section of Visioni Italiane/Italian Visions Festival, a well-known Italian film competition promoted by Cineteca di Bologna, a prime centre known globally for film studies, film archives and film restoration. 
The 2017 Festival will open tonight, February 27, 2017 at Cinena Lumiere.

The full program of the Festival is available at this link: 

The webiste of the Festival Visioni Italiane is:

More deatils on Visioni Urbane at the 2017 Festival (in Italian) at this link:


Follow Visioni Urbane on our Facebook page (in Italian):
and on our Twitter profile @CitySpaceArchi with the hashtag #VisioniUrbane.

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City Space Architecture meets Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador

October 17, 2016
By City Space Architecture

Habitat III


We are extremely proud to announce that City Space Architecture is officially included in the main program of the Habitat III conference, the United Nations conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development that takes place in Quito, Ecudaor, on October 17-20, 2016. We were selected among more than 1.000 proposals from all over the world! What an achievement! 
After Habitat I in Vancouver in 1976, Habitat II in Istanbul in 1996, in Quito world leaders will again meet to review the global urban agenda as well as the mandate, structure and further strengthening of UN-Habitat as it enters its fifth decade. During four-day conference, presidents, ministers and other representatives of 140 countries will adopt the New Urban Agenda, a global 20-year vision on sustainable urbanization. 
Habitat III is a major summit to discuss about future of cities. As reported by Dr. Joan Clos, the Secretary General of the conference, Habitat III “is a unique opportunity for rethinking the Urban Agenda in which governments can respond by promoting a new model of urban development able to integrate all facets of sustainable development to promote equity, welfare and shared prosperity”. More than 45.000 participants will attend the event in Quito.
Read more about the conference on Cityscope and on CityLab.  


City Space Architecture is contributing to the success of the conference through two events, included in the official programme of the conference and coordinated by our President Luisa Bravo:
- 'Stand up for Public Space!', Networking event, Monday October 17, 2.00-4.00pm, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, room 11. During the event our President Luisa Bravo will launch our global campaign 'Stand up for Public Space!' to spread awareness on the importance of public space in cities. This networking event was promoted in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology (Australia), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), The University of Auckland (New Zealand) and with LASE+CityUrb (Ecuador). Check the website of our global campaign:
- 'The Journal of Public Space', talk at the Urban Library, Wednesday October 19, 5.00pm, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana. During the event our President Luisa Bravo launched the first issue of The Journal of Public Space (Vol 1, n.1), togehter with Mirko Guaralda, Queensland University of Technology (Australia), with the participation of Laura Petrella and Cecilia Andersson, UN-Habitat, United Nations Human Settlements Programme (Kenya). The Journal of Public Space is the first, international, interdisciplinary, academic, open access journal entirely dedicated to public space, it was established in 2015 by City Space Architecture in partnership with UN-Habitat and in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology. Read our journal:


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